She often wanders through the wilderness of my heart,
she has lightened the places those were cold and dark,

she’s magic ,a mystery,a secret untold,
she’s a thought,a memory that will forever rest in my soul,

she’s alive she ……,she breathes within me,
she laughs, she cries,she sleeps in me …

she sings melodies ,so ancient,so pure,so old
she showers her affection
to heal my wounded soul …

These are a few lines that came to my mind after i woke up from one of my lucid dreams.
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Questions after questions ,that’s all i have in my mind right now . It’s just a lot of confusing questions clouding up my mind . Questions , that are simple yet confusing , questions one so desperately wants to get answered but dosen’t know where to look .These questions if left unanswered can cause an irreversible damage to one’s life .Questions that everybody asks themselves at some point in their life , and it seems like that time in my life has already arrived .

The more i try to simplify things and seek the truth ,the more i get lost in the dilemma of life and its various facets . What is it that causes such anxiety and stress for an individual ? Is it the uncertainty of life ? The unknown future and what it holds for us ? Will it be more like a pleasing spring afternoon or it will turn out to be a dark cloudy night ?

I don’t know if i was just really naive and unaware of the harsh reality of life or was i just trying to hide like a coward and trying to pretend everything’s fine and will remain the same ? But i think its time i should ask these questions to myself and and face the truth like man . We often get very depressed in a situation like this as we began to feel like that ,we’re the only one feeling all these emotions . We wish if there was somebody who can give us a helping hand out of this quick sand . Somebody who can show us the way outta here , someone who can approve off the direction we’re headed to …

We can’t just sit back and wait for the storm to pass by , instead we must face the stormy winds as we make an endeavor to get to the clear skies.,  But there’s still a question that lingers in our heads ,are we gonna make it or not ?  Well , now we must recall an old saying  – Hard work always pays off . The point that needs to be understood is that we can’t fool ourselves for too long ,so its better to dust of your butt and keep walking .thought we might face a lot of fails and falls through the journey but the adventure is worth it .

As we keep on moving ahead in our lives we might find that some of the questions gets answered while some are left unanswered but the new questions never stop bothering us . The why’s ,what’s  and how’s are an inevitable part of life…